APRIL 2nd  2017

Judge Sue Malcolm



Fantastic show……….lovely hard working officers and committee.


Veteran Bitch (3 entries – 2 Absent)

1st Harmaur Trade Issue

Lovely brindle and white bitch, who at eight years old still retains her very smart square outline, moves well driving from quarters that have a good turn of stifle, good tailset and lovely reach of neck. Nice clean head with good expression and dark eyes.


Minor Puppy Bitch (15 entries – 1 Absent)

1st Seeney’s Maranseen Encore

This bitch headed a really lovely class in which I would have liked more cards.

Seven month old showy girl who moved out well enjoying her day. Elegant brindle and white bitch who flowed with good correct angles and well held tail. Beautiful head of correct proportions, melting expression, dark eyes, good straight mouth. BPB.

2nd Pynegar’s Highcrest Coco Chanel at Berwynfa

Another appealing seven month old bitch presenting a very smart outline with excellent quarters and good forechest, good neck and topline. Good head with dark expressive eyes. Very nice puppy.

3rd MacDonald’s Yeteb Wind In My Sails


Puppy Bitch (10 entries)

1st Miller’s Lanfrese Lush Joins Walkon

Attractive smart elegant brindle and white bitch with correct proportions, excellent quarters, topline and tailset. Tight correct feet, moved out really well with reach and drive. Lovely head of corret proportions. Lovely expression from correct dark eyes.

2nd Huckerby and Dowell’s Geenawell Razmataz for Norwilbeck Bellchime

Very smart showy dark brindle and white bitch, good neck, topline and tailset. Lovely quarters with good head of good proportions. Dark eye.

3rd Payne’s Birleyvale Bellissima


Junior Bitch (11 entries – 3 Absent)

1st Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Brief Affair

Have previously admired this bitch from the ringside and she didn’t disappoint up close. Lovely head of correct proportions with good expression, mouth and correct eye shape and colour. Moved well with good drive and reach. Correct front, quarters, topline, tailset and neck. Nice tight cat feet. Liked her a lot.

2nd Godwin & Cartright’s Tyegarth Negroni

Nice smart dark brindle bitch presenting a lovely outline. Excellent quarters, topline and tailset. Very nice head and expression with dark eyes and good mouth.

3rd Bell’s Applewest A Flash Of Magic At Surfstone


Yearling Bitch (11 entries)

1st Griffiths Lanfrese Chin Chin

Another beautiful bitch from this successful kennel. Short coupled with good bone and substance. Excellent outline. Correct proportions, good neck and topline. Moved out well with reach and drive. Very pretty head of good ratios. Melting expression, dark eyes, good mouth. Moved well – loved her.

2nd McCarthy & Gettings CH Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi

Worthy champion bitch with lovely head, arched neck, gently sloping topline and tailset. Excellent quarters, good straight front, showy girl who moved well. Liked her a lot.

3rd Pearce & Francis’s Longdale’s Let It Go JW


Novice Bitch (8 entries – 2 absent)

1st Bell’s Surfstone Stormtastic.

Very nice dark brindle and white, good bone and feet, excellent gently sloping topline, good tailset and quarters, excellent head with correct ratio of muzzle to skull and a good mouth with correctly shaped dark eyes. Very nice bitch indeed.

2nd Mair’s Glenauld Aimee.

Tidy golden brindle bitch with a good head with a nice wide straight mouth. Correct angles fore and aft, good topline, good tight feet. Moved out well.

3rd Humphries’ Melomigs Ravenous Ruby For Cribanna


Graduate Bitch (9 entries – 2 absent)

1st Henderson’s Taranut Typescript

Shouts breed type, correct angles front and back, good depth of brisket and tuck up, good feet and tailset. Charming head and expression, dark eyes, good mouth. Moved with a good action very ably around the ring.

2nd Pearce, Francis & Townsend’s Jenroy Clarice Cliff with Lomngsdale.

Very nice smart brindle and white bitch. excellent long neck, good topline and tailset, good bone and quarters, nice tight feet, nice head of correct proportions, dark eye. Nice bitch.

3rd Huggins’ Daervlish Do You Feel Loved


Post Graduate Bitch (13 entries – 3 absent)

1st Huxley’s  Seacrest Beryl The Peril at Blixen

What a lovely brindle and white bitch this is, short coupled presenting a lovely square outline, excellent bone and feet. Very good arched neck. Good turn of stifle, good topline and tailset. Good head of correct proportions, dark eye. Moved well with good reach and drive……..liked her a lot.

2nd Pynegar’s Seacrest Vermeil at Berwynfa.

Very smart golden brindle bitch, presenting a lovely outline, excellent forechest and bone, good correct topline and tailset, good head of correct proportions and very sweet expression………very nice bitch.

3rd Carter’s Susancar Honor Wynna

Limit Bitch (13 entries – 3 absent)

1st Huggin’s Daervlish Miss Sarajevo

 Lovely red bitch presented in hard condition, really smart outline, arched neck into gently sloping topline, Good hammy quarters with correct turn of stifle, good tailset, good depth of brisket, plenty of bone and substance. Good tight feet, very good head I liked her a lot.

2nd Godwin’s Lanfrese Cassini at Sultash

Another lovely bitch. Very elegant, good square outline, good forechest, topline, tailset and quarters. Good depth of brisket and tuck up, good tight feet. Lovely head, good expression and dark eye, good big nose and nostrils. Liked her.

3rd Brown and Hutchings’ Winuwuk Girl Power.


Open Bitch (10 entries)

1st Mair’s CH Vandenrob Nina Roche at Glenauld

What a stunning class this was, headed by a super red bitch – unfortunately there are only five places and not to be able to place some beautiful champions was very difficult. It was commented upon that this bitch was red and it was perceived that I may not like red (I do). But if you have a Porsche it doesn’t matter if it is blue or red, it is still a Porsche. This bitch certainly purred around the ring. If one is correctly built, the way she is, you can certainly motor without effort. With a beautiful head to die for and with good mouth and glorious expression she was an absolute star. CC & BIS.

2nd Ch Griffiths’ Maybe at Lanfrese

Another beautiful bitch, dark brindle and white, also very correctly made with a beautiful head. Moved out very well with excellent drive and reach holding her excellent topline and tailset. The expression of the CC winner just pipped it for me on the day, nevertheless a beautiful and worthy champion.

3rd Miller’s Walkon First Class. RCC & RBIS.


Judge : Sue Malcolm