APRIL 2nd  2017

Judge Julie Cook



1st Huckerby & Dowell’s CH Struck On You For Bellchime

Gave this brindle and white boy his third CC in his youth. Now in his later year’s he maintains all of his quality. His head is still clean and not showing any coarseness.

Presents a clean sharp outline, moves with plenty of drive and puts on a great performance. A credit to his owners. Proud that I was able to play a part in this boy’s success.


1st Brown & Hutchings Winuwuk Danny Mac

Found this brindle and white boy quite an exciting prospect for the future.

Still at the leggy stage but with so much scope to develop into a top class male.

Loved his head and expression, good mouth and correct eye. Clean arched neck flowing into good topline. Good angulation both ends with lovely round bone and substance. When he fills his frame he will trouble the best.

2nd Seeney Maranseen Endeavour

Dark brindle and white boy full of quality and showing great promise. Lovely head dark well shaped eyes. Clean skull, good stop with correct chin with alert expression. Set up presents a very smart outline, went well on the move for a baby sure these first two will change places on other days. First just scored on the rear end today.

3rd Mairs Glenauld Valegro


1st Brough& Murray Limbox Fool O’scotch

This boy as always made an impression on me from the ringside and didn’t disappoint. G/B/W and full of quality. Lovely clean head, well balanced with broad muzzle wide under jaw, dark well shaped eye and melting expression. His body is strong with ample neck well defined withers, short strong back and well-angulated backend. Posed he presents a super outline and moves out well for a youngster. He is a credit to his owner on his fitness and condition.

On Referees decision he was awarded Best Puppy in Show over a very smart Bitch puppy.

2nd Wilsons Limbox Ain’t No Fool At Eastbox

Brindle and white boy who was very similar to first not surprised to find out later they were litter brothers. Once again lovely make and shape in construction. His head is not quite as forward as his brothers but with time should finish ok. Moved well this must have been a very nice litter.

3rd Jones Charles and James Charlons First Time With Maromad


A class of quality young males.

1st Parker and Martins Olleyville Otherston Lad

Quality D/B/W whom I have often admired. Stunning outline that commands your attention. No doubting his masculinity, combining substance and elegance.

Excellent round bone, gun barrel front. Strong arched neck flowing into well defined withers, good shoulders, short strong back, well angulated quarters. Head is balanced with wonderful expression, correct dark eyes, deep stop, broad padded muzzle.

Moves with drive and never put a foot wrong for his handler. The ultimate show man. Was pleased to award him the CC in excellent company. Sure he will have a bright future.

2nd Kays Seacrest Dodging Bullets

Another quality youngster. Super head, clean and balanced. Good expression and excellent mouth. Presents a square outline, well angulated shoulders, good bone, level topline, strong backend. Moves well but would like to see a little more animation. Another who will reach the top I am sure.

3rd Brown and Hutchings Winuwuk Chance Encounter


1st Hydes Stothard Pure Didly Dokely

G/B/W yet another youngster who shows great promise. Well balanced clean head, lovely expression. He presents a short square outline, well arched neck, short back, well muscled quarters. Would like to see him carry a little more weight to complete the picture. Moves out very well.

2nd Robinson and Morrisons Robinsteck The Revenant With Xandene

D/B/W, very much a baby as not long out of puppy. Lovely head, clean and balanced, with good broad muzzle, kind eye. Nicely made body with good bone, presented in good order and moves well

3rd Mullis Idelford Cracker Jack


1st Pynegar Berwynfa Toy Story.

Judged this smart R/W boy for BPIS earlier this year. He is developing nicely. Balanced head with good mouth. Correct shaped eye giving kind expression. Strong arched neck short back level topline strong hammy quarters  moves out well and presented in good order.

2nd Palmer Palerty Phycho Mantis.

Stylish B/W boy with pleasing head and expression. Presents a well balanced outline with good bone and substance. well angulated both ends good musculation and went well on the move.


1st Henderson Taranut Stereotype.

Loved this B/W boys head. Well balanced with lovey eye, good stop, wide mouth and good chin. Giving a true boxer expression. Strong short body with firm topline. Excellent back end. Shown in top condition, move well. A very honest boy to judge.

2nd Clayforth Casual Affair with Faerdorn.

B/W again a very well balanced boy with many virtues. Pleasing head with nice expression.

Set up gives off a clean, correct balanced outline, level topline and good angles fore and rear moved and handled well.

3rd Saunby Vandenrob Timeless Style



1st Mullis Idleford Prime Suspect

Have often admired this D/W boy and wasn’t disappointed going over him. He presents a very stylish outline that flows nicely from one part to the next with good bone and substance. Liked his clean balanced head with good expression. He was shown in hard condition and put on an excellent performance on the day. Was please to short list him in my final 4.



2nd Murfin & Renshaw- Turner Farvalley Dark Knight

 Another smart B/W boy that pushed 1st hard. Square balanced outline with short strong back, with good angles both ends. Very good head type with lovely eye and kind expression moved out well a very honest boy would have like him just a tad lighter on the day which would have sharpend up his outline.

 3rd McArdles Wildax Looking Good at Mcarmadale


This again was a very good class

1st Brough & Murray Galicar Mac Steamy At Limubox

Well this was my surprise of the day! The more I looked at this DBW boy the more I liked.

Just loved his head. It is clean and so well balanced with strong blocky muzzle that is solid bone not just flesh. The most appealing dark eyes and good mouth. In construction he is a very honest dog with a strong muscular body and good backend. He went very well on the moved and presented in top form. Was pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd Mcardles Redmol Read all about it at Mcarmadale

 Another DBW who is very similar in type to one. Medium size and presents a square balanced outline. Good front and rear with nice round bone. Short back with good topline. Good head with correct dark eyes well defined stop and good chin giving nice expression. Moved well but just lacked the animation of 1st on the day.

3rd Crooks Maranseen Review n’Respect for Uftonponds


1st Huggins CH Daervlish All Because of you

This DBW boy as always been a favourite of mine. Now in his prime at 5 years. I love his masculinity and substance. His outline is balanced with good angulation fore and rear with arched neck and well defined withers strong flat back and holds a good profile on the move, Liked his head, lovely dark eyes and one of the best mouths of the day. In my final 4 would have just liked him with a little weight to have sharpened up his outline.




2nd Drinkwaters  Winuwuk Kiss Tag With Sulez

Liked this GBW boy for his overall balance. Presents a clean sharp outline lovely round bone well angulated front level topline strong backend which he uses effectively on the move. Very appealing head and expression good mouth put on a good performance.

3rd MillersCH Walkon First Past The Post